Willow purification systems

Willow purification systems

Willow Zero-discarge Purification system

All over the world streams and lakes are polluted by wastewater. The water is spoiled for drinking purposes by hygienic problems due to the wastewater.

Also organic matters, nutrients and heavy metals and xenobiotic substances in wastewater are causing problems for the oxygen content, the wildlife and the water environment in general.

If however, what if wastewater is seen as a resource and used instead of getting rid of? This can be done in a zero– discharge system which would be CO2 neutral and have a positive energy balance.

Centre of Recycling has invented this system and since 1996 projected more than 3500 individual systems. L&G Pajupuhdistamo Oy would now like to introduce these systems to Finland.

The systems are complicated to make dimensions on because a lot of parameters must be fulfilled. But, when this has been done they will work for decades all year around even in hard winters and be very low cost to operate. Plus every year every m2 will produce energy that will substitute 0,75 liter of fuel oil. The same plants can be cut down every third year and others will coppice from its roots.

The system is commonly used for household wastewater,
but, can also be used with other plants for heavy contaminated water as leachates from deposits, percolation water from soil cleaning plants, industrial wastewater, contaminated surface water to mention a few possibilities.
The facility itself can be recycled after use.
Further informations:  www.pilerensning.dk, pajupuhdistamo.fi