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Welcome to the best starting point for your future wastewater purification facility

We dare to make this statement because we make projects with:

Willow waste water evaporation systems which are zero-discharge systems. Willow trees (and others) evaporate all water and uptake stuffs. They will meet all new demands in legislation simply because they have no outlet at all. They are very reliable facilities, and even if they are new we have projected facilities for more than 1400 households during the last 10 years. They are the only systems that have a positive energy balance because they produce biomass for energy using nutrients from waste water for growth. Operational cost are very low.

Willow waste water evaporation systems with no lining. These systems are also very good low cost and low operation cost facilities. They will function just the same way as th zero- discharge systems but might not meet all future demands in the same way as facilites with lining. Despite of this they uptake all stuffs to a very high extend. The can be used in areas with no groundwater interes.

Planted filters meet all demands from existing legislation and they can be construted also for continous removal of phosporus from the outlet water in areas with demands for that. We work in cooperation with N.A.T. Eckernforde, Germany with projects reganding these types. This is because of the long experience of N.A.T. with these types.

In the links of this website you will find lots of information regarding facilities for households, plants for villages, special designs for farms and industries Our speciality is consulting regarding the mentioned systems. We make lots of efforts to keep down cost of consulting for these best natural types low operational cost systems.


You are very welcome to contact us for more information and maybe just have a talk about your future plans for waste water or process water purification.

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